Just 2-point difference, Opposition Party failed, House of Representatives voted against Progressive Liquor Bill

House of Representatives meeting on Nov 2, 2022, voted against Move Forward Party’s Progressive Liquor Bill twice, first by 177:174 votes and then by 196:194 votes.

After the 177:174 votes with 11 abstentions, Move Forward MP for Bangkok, Natthaphong Ruengpanyawut asked Deputy House Speaker Suchart Tancharoen who chaired the House meeting for a second roll call vote due to the close margin in the first round. Majority of MPs from coalition parties voted against the Bill while those from opposition parties voted “Yes” to the Bill.


After the call vote finished, there were around 30 MPs, mostly from coalition parties hurried to exercise their rights voting the Bill and this ignited new round of chaotic including doubt from Move Forward MPs that some members might vote more than one time and again this led to new dispute among MPs involved. One of committee who was responsible for counting the vote had to ensure the fairness of counting however the doubt remained. So, chairman of the House meeting said if any member had evidence of repeating call for vote can file.

At 17.15 hours, the vote counting finished, Suchart announced the vote result that the Bill was voted “yes” by 196 MPs at the meeting and voted “no” by 194 MPs with 15 abstentions, indicating that the meeting disagreed with the Bill.


Source: Khaosod Online