Police To Eliminate All Gangs in Pattaya After German Murder

27-year-old Pakistani Sharukh Karim Uddin, who has Thai citizenship, was arrested on July 12.

Following the case of Hans Peter Ralter Mack, a German businessman who was kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered in Nong Prue District, Chonburi Province, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said on July 14 that he directed the police to wipe out foreign criminal gangs in Pattaya.

He ordered that information be gathered about all gangs in the Pattaya area and living in Nong Prue, Chonburi Province, and monitored foreigners who came to live in Thailand without a job, riding a Harley Davidson, posing in gang tattoos, and on a retirement visa. Immigration officers should revoke their visas and return them via immigration processes.

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police

“Thai officers will not allow these people to come to Pattaya as a shelter or to conduct crimes. As a result, immigration officers must investigate and eliminate all gangs, whether they are the Badidose or the Outlaws,” he said.

Pol. Gen. Surachet stated that after eliminating criminal organisations in Pattaya, their members would leave the country. These organisations will go wherever government officials are weak. As a result, the immigration service must take its responsibilities seriously.

In the Mack Murder case, he directed that investigators recognise charging the suspects with premeditated murder, which carries a death penalty.

All the German suspects

The four suspects are: 52-year-old German Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann; 47-year-old German Petra Christl Grundgreif; 27-year-old Pakistani Sharukh Karim Uddin, who has Thai citizenship; and 52-year-old German Nicole Frevel, who owns the property where the police discovered Mack’s body. The last person was charged only with hiding, disguising the body.

On July 14, police took Uddin to the Pattaya Provincial Court to request for detention. Uddin told reporters through tears. “It was not done by me. “I did not murder. I was terrified.”

Uddin is seen on surveillance cameras sitting in the back of the pickup truck and carrying the freezer into the suspect’s house, where Mack’s body was hidden. On July 13, he was arrested in a hotel in Kanchanaburi Province and charged at Nong Prue Police Station in Chonburi Province.

CCTV footage showed Sharukh Karim Uddin bring a freezer into the suspect’s home.

His brother revealed that Uddin was scared, claiming that Olaf pushed him to participate. He asserted that he had nothing to do with Mack’s death. He was terrified of meeting Olaf and was afraid he would be killed in prison.

On July 4, 2023, Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann and Petra Christl Grundgreif were seen getting into the same car on CCTV.

Nicole Frevel, the landlord who discovered Mach’s death, had previously slashed her arms during the police arrest. “I could die today; if I do not die, I must be killed,” remarked this woman, who subsequently disclosed that Olaf brought the freezer inside the house. When she asked about what was in the freezer, she was threatened with death unless she remained silent and did not speak much.


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