BANGKOK — Walking through the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre this Friday, don’t be shocked to see people sleeping there and don’t be shy to join them.

What may look like victims of some future economic collapse are actually participating in making a high-concept statement on our changing urban  life rhythms.

“Conceptually this performance is a comment on the phenomenon of napping in public spaces in big cities,” London-based artist Anna Fafaliou said by email.

She said it’s commentary on changing lifestyles, especially in big capitals where people sleep less to work more, and the increase in public napping on the train or in the coffee shop as their bodies tell them “get some rest now.”


To explore what happens to the body and how people’s energy could be shared during sleep, the artist came up with the art project “Sleep.” Since launching earlier this year in London, the exhibition has a snooze-date in Bangkok on Friday.

Fafaliou, who’s doing a residency at HOF Art Bangkok this month, plans to take the show on the road elsewhere to observe different responses from different cultures.

She will nap solo, while the audience can participate by having their own nap time, or just observe the choreography of sleep from the sidelines.

“I’m part of the performance, so I can’t really stare or observe the audience. But I’m lying on the floor with them, and their energy in this shared moment of tranquility is really incredible. You can feel the tension, the hesitation and the complete looseness. It’s been a great experience so far,” Fafaliou wrote.

Beginning her art career in 2015, Fafaliou has produced 11 performances and installation pieces that deal with human existence and behavior in relation to environment, with consumerism and capitalism as the central focus.

Feel free to join the performance from 12pm to 6pm on Sept. 16, at the L floor next to the library at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre which can be reached via skywalk of BTS National Stadium Station.


Pillows will be provided.