Thai Post’s 12 Hilarious Reasons Not to Google Translate Thai

Roast duck sanctuary and sweet-fitting Kayasart. Know ye millet grain?

Few things provoke equal parts thought, confusion and laughter as the linguistic carnage that results when Thai collides with English via Google Translate.

We saw the people at Thai Post, who usually bring laughs with horribly mishandled packages, started an online market that relies on Google to serve customers in English.

We couldn’t resist the urge to share the wonderful results.

The 4.0-ready marketplace is chock full of post-literary verse that may hold deeper meanings – or at least leave some farangs scratching their heads.


1Because no one likes hard-ass Cake Rusk Gut

2Oh myyy. No reminder needed!


4And on the site, these words appear: Look on my millet grain and despair!

5Get it together already, teachers

6Ban that sick filth

7Without what? Don’t mess with a winning combination

8 The sour taste means it’s working

9Sacre bleu, Dauphin!

10Seems to be some royal intrigue going on

11Well which is it?

12Okay, that actually doesn’t sound too bad