Netizens Get a Bang Out of Bangless Lisa Blackpink

Photos: Prediction_idol and Xxsasaxxll / Twitter

BANGKOK — For just showing up with a new haircut, Thailand’s Lisa Blackpink’s bangless ‘do skyrocketed to the top Twitter trend in Thailand in matter of hours.

Photos and videos of Lalisa Manoban, or Lisa Blackpink, with a new haircut while arriving at an airport in China pushed the hashtag #LalisaMaNoBang (get it? GET IT?) to the number-one ranking in Thailand and number two worldwide on Monday.

The bangs were a signature look of the 22-year-old Thai K-pop star – and a source of endless speculation among her fans as to why the bangs never seemed to budge from her forehead even while dancing during concerts.


“There’s no need to wait 10 years to see her forehead (I’ve waited for three). Her clothes today also totally go with the forehead unveil,” tweeted @Xxsasaxxll.

“I gotta thank the fact that going to China let us see her forehead. Before the wind pushing her bangs apart was great and got us a few shots, but this is seriously exposing her forehead and sweet face!” tweeted @@sillysilly__.

“Lalisa, let me nip at your cheeks! Your smile is so cute!” tweeted @pat_fanaclisa.

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