Policeman's Brother Killed For Trying To Stop A Fight

(19 June)
A man was reportedly stabbed to death after he attempted to break up a fight between his friends and
a group of strangers as they were drinking at a roadside eatery in Phuket province.

police arrived at the scene in Muang district, they found chairs and tables along with dishes and
bottles scattered all over the nighttime eatery, which offers country music performance as well as
alcohol for late night patrons. On the floor near the music stage, police found the body of Mr. Udom
Srita, 37, in the pool of blood. He had 3 stabbing wounds on his chest and one more on his

Police said they found jewelry and more than 10,000 baht in cash on his body,
suggesting that the crime was not about robbery. Mr. Udom was also equipped with a handgun. An empty
bullet case corresponding to the type carried by Mr. Udom was found nearby.

It is understood
that Mr. Udom is a younger brother of Pol.Cpt. Prasert Srita, a senior policeman in the

Witnesses said Mr. Udom was celebrating his friend′s birthday
party at the eatery. He was drinking with 5 friends, witnesses said, when one of his friend, Mr.
Chaiyan Maikarn, got into arguments with group of teenagers that were drinking on the next table.
Fistfights later ensued and Mr. Chaiyan was wounded by the strangers? knives, witnesses

Mr. Udom reportedly attempted to break up the fight, but ended up getting stabbed
himself. Witnesses told police he drew his gun and fired 1 bullet which hit no one but sent the
strangers fleeing, then collapsed and died from his wounds .

Later, police apprehended
Mr. Sittichai Tongsiri, 32, who reportedly confessed to stabbing Mr. Udom to death. Police noted
that Mr. Sittichai was heavily intoxicated when they arrested him. They detained him for further