Photo: Watchdog Thailand / Facebook
Photo: Watchdog Thailand / Facebook

BANGKOK — More than a dozen Great Danes rescued from starvation have been christened with names by the palace.

After rescuing 13 starving Great Danes from a farm on Aug. 19, Watchdog Thailand says the 8 females and 5 males are still recovering at the Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Five are still in critical condition. On the bright side, they all have new names.

“The names were determined by the palace,” a representative from Watchdog Thailand said.

The five dogs still under close watch are named Batu, Bella, Kimberley, Araya and Dairy.


One male, Batu, aged 2 years and 3 months, is suffering from a bloated stomach. Five-month-old Bella has enteritis, while Kimberley has anemia. Araya has low albumin levels, and Dairy is suffering from malnutrition.

“All the dogs are underweight, and seem to have been deprived of food for about a month,” Kongsak Tiangtum, a veterinarian at the university said.

Bella, Kimberley, and Araya are most likely named after lookkreung Thai celebrities: Bella Campen, Kimberley Anne Woltemas Tiamsiri, and Araya Alberta Hargate.

The healthier group consists of males Bizarro, Toro, Mhor Sup, and Charlie. The females are named Briohny, Benlisa, Kasalong, and Cheryl. Kasalong is the name of a character from “Klin Kasalong,” a 2019 Channel 3 soap.

On Aug. 19, Watchdog Thailand raided a Pathum Thani farm where the 13 dogs were chained up without food. According to the organization, the farm owner said that he had tried to breed dogs for sale, but could not find buyers. He refused to give the dogs away because “he did not want them to be a burden on others” and that they “can die on their own.” 

The palace then took the dogs under royal care, sending aides to help Watchdog Thailand.


The Department of Livestock Development has filed an animal cruelty case against the owner. The Watchdog representative declined to name him.

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