BANGKOK — His Majesty the King has instructed Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and his cabinet to hold true to their oath and solve the country’s problems earnestly.

In messages presented to cabinet members in an elaborate ceremony at Government House today, King Vajiralongkorn also expressed moral support for the government and urged it to be strong. The messages were personally signed by His Majesty the King.

Prayuth and the cabinet members received copies of the message one by one in front of a portrait of King Vajiralongkorn.

The monarch made no mention of the controversy surrounding Prayuth’s failure to deliver his oath of office in full as mandated by the constitution.


Prayuth skipped over a line – “I will also uphold and comply with the Constitution of the Kingdom in every aspect” – when he presented the new Cabinet to His Majesty the King on July 16.

Deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said the ceremony today was not a “fix” of the swearing-in ceremony. Neither Wissanu nor any other government leader would explain why Prayuth omitted the line, which is included in Section 161 of the constitution.


The omission prompted several activists to file a complaint to a government watchdog agency, accusing Prayuth of violating the charter.

An official from the Ombudsman’s Office, where the complaint was lodged, announced today the issue will be forwarded to the Constitutional Court for formal deliberation.

The Ombudsman’s Office also said Prayuth told the agency he has “already completed” the oath upon being questioned.