2 More COVID-19 Cases Found in the South

People in Narathiwat line up for free petrol on May 16, 2020. Phalang Pracharath MP Sampan Binmayuso paid for gas for 2,000 motorcycles.

BANGKOK   — A couple in Narathiwat were found to be infected with the coronavirus, the government announced Tuesday.

A 36-year-old woman and her 45-year-old husband in Su-ngai Kolok town bordering Malaysia were identified as the new patients by Taweesin Visanuyothin, spokesman of the Center for the COVID-19 Situation Administration. Both were reportedly in close proximity with the woman’s father, a known coronavirus patient.

The total number of infected is 3,033, with 2,857 recovered and 56 dead. Currently 120 people are being treated for the virus at hospitals. 

More than half of the number of COVID-19 patients, or 52 percent, were diagnosed with the virus via hospital walk-ins. Another 39 percent was found through efforts to trace those in close contact with the infected. 


Two days after malls were allowed to reopen, a total of 3,660,081 people checked in with the government website that requires customers to register their info before they can enter one of the 60,853 shops nationwide. 

On Tuesday night, more than 200 Thais stranded in the US will arrive in their home country on a special flight arranged for them, and a Wednesday afternoon flight will bring back 58 Thai exchange students in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. 

“Now, the children who went overseas to study can come back into the arms of their parents,” Taweesin said. “Or rather, not into the arms – they have to go into state quarantine first.”

A total of 254 Thais returning from India will also arrive in a Wednesday night flight. 


New COVID-19 infections have stayed in the single digits since May 6.

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