Poyd Treechada Speaks About Gender Equality in Her Married Life

Treechada Hongyok or Poyd Treechada, a famous transgender actress who has worked in Thailand, Hong Kong and China, spoke about her marriage as a transgender person during an event, Gender Fair, organised by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Poyd is recently married to Phakwa Hongyok, Oak, a businessman from an old family in Phuket.

Poyd said that the Gender Fair is an event where people should talk about how gender equality can affect mental health. She added that society has evolved in many ways and has more diversity, from ideology to the way a person dresses.



“Everyone wants to be accepted in order to be himself/herself. Only with diversity can the world survive. We need acceptance. We need to accept others who are different from us,” Poyd said.

As for her married life, she said that everything was normal, with a little adjustment. She added that it is important to be more patient and think more about the future once she has a family and is no longer just a girlfriend but a wife.

Poyd said that before marriage, her husband and she had thought about the future, but after marriage, there were surprising stories that made them rethink many plans. Poyd added that she had fun tackling these issues, however.


Asked what her secrets were to win the heart of a Chinese family, Poyd said there was nothing to win. However, she also has Chinese heritage, being from the same root, so she might understand the culture or know what to look out for. As for her husband, she said he would talk to her parents first before proposing to her. After her husband introduced her to his family, she has always experienced the warmth of the family and her husband has also experienced the warmth of her family.



Poyd added that the couple currently has no plan for the ‘next step’. They just want to live their lives and go about their duties, which they are supposed to do. She said her husband has to attend to his work while she has to be in many places, including Bangkok and abroad. She gives her full attention to the family but also works as scheduled.

“[I] must admit that there are many successful people before me, only they have not shown themselves. As a younger person, I see many people who have been successful and who have inspired me. Without the people who have struggled and dared to move forward in the society that condemns you, it’s impossible for me to be here and inspire people.”