EC: The Wrong Voting Number That Sent to London Is Fixed

The Election Commission secretary general Sawaeng Boonme said on Monday, April 24 that only the Thai Embassy in London mistakenly published the wrong voting number of a Pheu Thai constituency-based MP candidate and no other Thai Embassy had the same problem.

The remark came after the Pheu Thai Party said earlier today it will petition the Election Commission to investigate why the Thai Embassy in London posted pre-election details of each constituency-based MP candidate but assigned the wrong number for the party’s candidate. It also wants the EC to check on other Thai embassies too.

Mr. Itthiporn Boonprakong, chairman of the Election Commission, said that this won’t affect election day outside the Kingdom, that will begin on April 25 because the EC has already fixed the mistake.

“As soon as we knew there was a mistake with the photos of MP candidates in Bangkok, District 11, it was fixed on April 18 and the embassy, especially the Thai embassy in London, England, was asked to send new valid photos to all registered voters in London,” said the president of the EC.

Mr. Athiphon said that he told the Office of the EC to ask the foreign ministry if there were any other cases like the ones in London. which doesn’t exist right now.