Move Forward’s Pita With the Move That Cannot Be Forward Yet

On June 29, Move Forward Phitsanulok‘s official Facebook page announced that Pita Limjaroenrat, the party’s leader and candidate for prime minister, would travel to Phitsanulok province on June 30 to thank the people.

According to news reports, it was an impromptu trip when the party announced the candidacy of Patipat Santipada, a Phitsanulok MP, for the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives. This was seen as a political show of force. However, negotiations for the post of speaker have not yet been concluded.

MFP pitsanulok
Move Forward Phitsanulok’s official Facebook

It was also reported that Pita will visit Khon Kaen province on Saturday, July 1 and he will join a motorcade to thank the people together with Paetongtarn Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, if the negotiations for the speaker post can be successfully concluded. However, the Pheu Thai Party denied the existence of such a schedule.

Pheu Thai Party leader Cholnan Srikaew said on Thursday he’s confident the party will eventually find a solution with the MFP as to which party should have the House Speaker post. Cholnan said it’s just a matter of negotiation and his party is committed to be part of a democratic coalition.


pheuthai 29june1
Pheu Thai Party leader Cholnan Srikaew

However, news sources in the Palang Pracharat Party said on the same day that in the end, Pheu Thai will not set up a government with the MFP but with the Palang Pracharat and General Prawit Wongsuwan will be the 30th Prime Minister.

The MFP and the Pheu Thai have scheduled a meeting for Sunday, July 2, followed by meetings with other parties to form a coalition government. All negotiations must be completed before July 3, the day the parliamentary session opens, and the House will elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives and two Deputy Speakers of the House of Representatives on July 4.

mfp 29june1
Members of the Move Forward Party

Move Forward is still seen as in an uncertain position to lead the government, especially after the Pheu Thai Party announced its intention to take over as Speaker of the House. This has led to a stalemate in reaching an agreement. Meanwhile, Pita himself is also under scrutiny, and complaints have been filed about his share ownership of ITV during the election campaign.

In addition, the party has faced strong opposition from conservatives over proposed amendments to Article 112 of the Penal Code.



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