A Dog Jumps on a Dead Car Owner’s Lap and Makes a Little Mess

Officials from the Thung Khru police station in Bangkok encountered an unexpected situation on Monday while investigating the death of a roast pork vendor in a car. When the rescuers were going to remove her body, her dog ran from the house and leapt onto her lap.

Then the car alarm sounded throughout the area.


The officer tried to turn off the alarm by closing the car door, but all four car doors locked themselves. The woman’s husband had to use a remote key to unlock the door so that the officers could continue their work.

Khao Pan, a female Pomeranian dog, has been taken care of by her owner since she was a puppy. Khao Pan is very attached to her owner. Everyone took pity on her because her owner passed away.

Khao Pan, a female Pomeranian dog is very attached to her owner.

Anong, who died at age 54, lived with her husband and son in Bangkok’s Thung Khru District at Sinthawee Village 2, Soi Pracha Uthit 76. To kill herself, she lit the stove and smoked in a car parked in front of her house.

Her 62-year-old husband said that he, his wife, and their son usually wake up at 4 a.m. every day and help each other get ready for the motorcycle being towed to the side to sell grilled pork. But on July 17, he couldn’t find his wife when he woke up, so he went looking for her and found her dead in the car.

Anong’s husband said that his wife’s health problems and worry about the accident that happened two months ago have caused her a lot of stress. She was selling grilled pork from a sidecar when she fainted, causing her car to crash into a pickup truck until its tail light was broken. His wife was worried that someone would sue her.