1 More Baht to Ride Chao Phraya Express Boats

An orange-flagged Chao Phraya Express Boat cuts through the river in an undated photo


BANGKOK — Those commuting by the capital’s waterways better pocket an extra baht.

Riding all flavors of the Chao Phraya Express Boats cost an additional baht as of this morning, while those churning through Khlong Saen Saep increase Tuesday.

Service operator Chao Phraya Express Boat Co. Ltd. said fares for the boats plying the mighty Chao Phraya River were adjusted in response to the recent 21 baht/liter increase to the cost of diesel.


As of Monday, fares for the Chao Phraya Express’ local lines are now 8 baht, 10 baht and 12 baht. The orange-flagged boats are 14 baht, while those with yellow flags cost 19 baht. Fares of the boats with green flags range from 19 baht to 31 baht.

On Tuesday, Khlong Saen Saep boats will also push prices up by a baht for the same reason: higher fuel costs, according to Chaowalit Methayaprapas, owner of Family Transport (Krob Krua Kon Song), the company running the service.
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