Bus Conductor 'Accidentally Shot' By Students

(24 October) A bus conductor has reportedly been shot in leg by a pen gun, which might have been discharged in accident by one of the students who boarded the bus, police said.

Pathumthani police was initially alerted to investigate a shooting at a bus stop in Mueang district, Pathumtani province.

At the scene, the officers encountered Mr. Anucha Kanyayim, a staff on Bus No. 337 route which runs from Pathumtani to Bang Bua Tong, who told them he was shot in his leg.

An operation was arranged to remove the bullet, which was revealed by an X-Ray scan to have stuck inside the victim’s leg.


Mr. Anucha said he was shot while the bus was about to park at the bus stop. He added that he noticed a group of students fleeing the bus after the incident.

Police suspected that the group of students unintentionally discharged one of their pen guns at Mr. Anucha, and said that they will search for the suspects for further investigation.

Due to bitter rivalries between different polytechnic colleges, many of their students travel armed with weapons such as knives, pen guns, and even homemade explosives in some cases.


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