Police Officer Gets '800 Years' For Corruption

A file photo of the Criminal Court

(13 December) Ratchadaphisek Criminal Court has sentenced a former police officer to 800 years in prison, after he was found guilty on corruption charges.


The court said there are enough evidences that Pol.Sgt. Mano Noochuea, the 39 year old former policeman from Bueangkhum Police Station, had embezzled state money and failed to perform his duty appropriately.
While performing his duty, the court said, Pol.Sgt. Mano pocketed 72,000 baht fines from 157 arrests of alien workers, as well as another 19,000 baht from the bail money of three defendants.
Convicting him of 160 counts of corruptions, the court handed down the jail term of 5 years for each count, resulting in 800 years of imprisonment. 
However, the court noted that the defendant had already returned the embezzled money to the state and confessed to his crime, which led the court to reduce his punishment by a half out of leniency. 
Furthermore, as the laws only allow the defendant to be sentenced up to 50 years, the defendant was accordingly sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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