Man Sleeps Outdoor, Dies Of ‘Cold Weather’

Tourists enjoying cold weather in Fhang district, Chiang Mai province, 24 December 2013

SISAKET — A man in Si Saket province has died after spending a night outdoor in the cold weather, police said.

The body of Mr. Khunchai Wongsingha, 46, was found face-down on a roadside bamboo shack in Mueang district. Close to his body the police found a small bottle containing alcoholic beverage and a pile of vomit mixed with blood.
The police believed the Mr. Khunchai had been dead for 5 hours before he was found.
Ms. Prapaisi Thongmuang, 56, a resident who lived nearby, told police that Mr. Khunchai was drinking alcohol with her relatives near her house on the previous night. Ms. Prapaisi said her family later went to bed while Mr. Khunchai was drinking alone in the cold weather.
She said Mr. Khunchai had a chronic illness, and it was very cold last night, leading the police to believe the weather and the illness have contributed to his death.
A senior police officer said no sign of murder or fight was found at the crime scene, and the police are not treating the death as suspicious.
Temperature has taken a plunge in many parts of Thailand, especially in the mountainous northern region.