One Killed In 'International Concert' Stage Collapse

(13 March) One person has been killed and at least 10 injured when a concert stage collapsed before its scheduled performance in Udon Thani province.

Police in Mueang district received reports of the incident at around 00.30 this morning, which took place at Vessuwan event site in Nakhon Udon Thani Municipality compound. 

Rescue workers and police officers arrived at the scene to discover that the entire right-hand side of the concert stage has collapsed, along with a large projector mounted on the metal structure. 11 people were trapped inside the wreckage at the time the police arrived, one of them severely injured.

The rescue workers eventually managed to extract all wounded victims from underneath the collapsed structures, but one of them later passed away at hospital. 


Mr. Pachanapan Sornjai, 36, identified himself as the manager of concert stage construction under AV System company and told police that his team was preparing the stage for an international music event called MTV Exit Live In Udon Thani, which is due to open its door on 15 March.

The event, unrelated to a US-based music corporation with the same name, was slated to feature many famous Thai bands such as Body Slam, Slot Machine, and Kala, along with guest rock and pop musicians from neighbouring countries, including Malaysia and Laos, according to Mr. Pacharapan. 


The manager told police that over 20 staff were perched on the concert stage structures to install lighting equipment when some metal joints moved away from their locking spots, causing the entire structure to collapse by enourmous weight of the giant projector and other equipment.

Mr. Pacharapan said he would consult with the company executives whether to postpone the concert.

The police did not immediately press charges against anyone, stating that a further investigation is needed.