Fake Army Captain Busted For Bluffing Traffic Police

Somkiat Ekkawipat (sitting), 37, was arrested for posing as an army captain to get out of a paying a traffic violation, 21 Oct 2014.

BANGKOK — Police say they have arrested a taxi driver who attempted to fool traffic police with his disguise as an army captain.

Somkiat Ekkawipat, 37, was arrested at a police checkpoint near Chalermpong Bridge in Bangkok's Sai Mai district on the night of 21 October. 

According to Pol.Lt.Col. Pitak Sutthikul, traffic police ordered Somkiat to stop his motorcycle at the checkpoint for a traffic law violation. Somkiat then identified himself as a captain assigned to the Royal Armed Force Headquarters and attempted to talk his way out of the fine, Pol.Lt.Col. Pitak said.

When police requested his ID, Somkiat showed them a driving license with his captain rank, and scolded the police officers for disrespecting him, Pol.Lt.Col. Pitak told reporters at press conference today. 


However, police officers decided to search Somkiat's belongings, and discovered six other driving licenses. "One of the licenses, which was issued this year, says Somkiat is a colonel," Pol.Lt.Col. Pitak said. "So the police got suspicious and brought him to Sai Mai Police Station for interrogation."

Somkiat eventually confessed to buying fake army IDs and driving licenses from a sergeant called Lhong for 40,000 baht, police say. Pol.Lt.Col. Pitak said Somkiat, who makes his living as a taxi driver, bought the army disguises to demand special treatment and service from security officers and private businesses.

A search at Somkiat's residence also turned up several army uniforms, he said, adding that the taxi driver has been charged with falsely posing as a state official.



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