Drunk Scotsman Goes Ballistic on Pattaya’s Walking Street

Darren Raymond, 38, is escorted into Pattaya Police Station early Thursday morning.

PATTAYA — A Scottish man who appeared to be drunk did not go quietly into the night when police moved to arrest him last night for attacking a security officer on Pattaya’s famed Walking Street.

Darren Raymond, 38, had to be dragged on his knees into the Pattaya police station at 2am on  Thursday morning along with his Thai girlfriend, both apparently drunk, after a belligerent Raymond was seen clocking a uniformed municipal employee.

“He was really drunk and punched an officer in the face,” said Lt. Chainarong Chai-in.


Pattaya City Hall security officer Thongchai Kerdsanong, 37, said he was on duty and spotted the couple whose behaviour suggested both were severely intoxicated. He approached them and told them to sit down and rest. Raymond was angered and abruptly punched Thongchai in the face.


Chainarong could not confirm whether the couple are still being held.