Gun-Toting Man in Road Rage Video Definitely ‘Not a Cop,’ Cops Say

BANGKOK — Police said the man who identified himself as a police captain and threatened another motorist with what looked to be a gun Thursday morning was in fact not a cop.

Police said later in the day that they know the identity of the gunman, whose actions were captured on video which made its way online, though they made the unusual decision not to identify him, citing concern for his privacy.

“He’s not a cop. But as for his identity, I’d prefer not to disclose it, because of the suspect’s rights,” Col. Sompot Suwancharas, chief of Bang Pong Pang Police Station, said Friday. “We’re in the process of locating and arresting him.”


Kittisak Saewong, the motorist who captured the incident with his dashcam, told police Thursday he and the unnamed gunman had nearly collided on Rama III Road. Kittisak said he raised his hands in an apologetic wai, but the other driver was not placated.

Dashcam footage showed what followed: The driver parked in the middle of the road, got out with what Kittisak believed to be a firearm and approached to confront him.

“You think you’re such a badass?” the man scolded. “Do you know who I am? I’m Sarawat [police captain] Joe. I’m gonna smash your face. Don’t you think about messing with me you bastard!”

Kittisak submitted the video and provided the man’s license plate to Bang Pong Pang police as evidence.

Sanit Mahatavorn, interim commander of Bangkok police, also insisted that “Sarawat Joe” is not a cop, though he, like station chief Sompot, declined to identify the suspect by name.

“Based on an examination of information, we found that the perpetrator is not a policeman,” Lt. Gen. Sanit said.


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