National police chief Chakthip Chaijinda speaks to reporters on Jan.10 in Bangkok.

BANGKOK — Arrest warrants were issued Tuesday afternoon for a police station commander suspected of arranging for the kidnapping and murder of a woman in Bangkok.

Col. Amnuay Pongsawat, commander of Banpong Police Station in Ratchaburi province, is wanted for the disappearance and possible murder of 28-year-old Suphaksorn Pontaisong last month. National police chief Chakthip Chaijinda on Tuesday pledged to bring him to justice.

“Whoever is involved will be prosecuted. Even if they hold a rank more senior than police colonel, they will be prosecuted,” Gen. Chakthip said Tuesday morning, before Amnuay had been identified. “I already have information about this case. If I didn’t, how could I be the leader of the police force?”

Amnuay and six civilian suspects, five men and one woman, are wanted for premeditated murder, kidnapping-related charges and concealment of a dead body.


A photo of Police Col. Amnuay Pongsawat released by police.
A photo of Police Col. Amnuay Pongsawat released by police.

Suphaksorn’s family reported the Sa Kaeo-born woman missing Dec. 15 after not hearing from her for two days. Police sources said Suphaksorn had a romantic relationship with the same woman the police colonel was attracted to.

A formal police report compiled by Nong Khang Phlu police, which was seen by Khaosod English, later established that three men in a car intercepted Suphaksorn as she rode a motorcycle close to Soi Petchkasem 116 on the night of Dec. 13, forced her into the car and drove away.


Local police were reticent to discuss the matter.

“I cannot give you any details. This is up to my supervisors to speak about,” Nong Khang Phlu Police Station chief Thanasit Pansri said Tuesday by telephone.

Gen. Chakthip said Tuesday morning that Amnuay, 47, had not contacted police to turn himself in.