Southern Teacher Murdered, Truck Stolen for Car Bomb: Police

A police outpost in Songkhla province after a car bomb exploded outside Tuesday.

SONGKHLA — Police said separatists killed a teacher in Songkhla province and stole his truck to use for a car bomb that wounded six Tuesday.

Amata Samotanthawi, 62, was found hanged in his home in the Saba Yoi district Tuesday morning. His Isuzu truck was missing. Hours later, the same truck allegedly exploded with a 50-kilogram car bomb in neighboring Thepa district, injuring six police officers at an outpost.

Investigators believe the teacher was slain some time on Monday night. Police blamed militants seeking independence for the southern border provinces for the murder and bombing.

Police also issued a warning that eight motorcycles had been stolen in recent days, raising fear they could be used as bombs.


The separatists regularly target public schools and their staff, which observers say is because they are seen as state instruments promoting Buddhism in the Muslim-majority region.


A group of soldiers patrolling near a Pattani province school also came under attack by a roadside bomb on Tuesday. The explosion injured a soldier and a 12-year-old girl on her way to school.

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