Sleeping Woman Avoids Snake Attack Like Ninja (Video)

You Can't Touch This plays in the background.

BANGKOK — A slumbering Bangkok woman narrowly missed being attacked by a snake that somehow made it into her bedroom, according to footage of the encounter.

The video, posted online by a man identifying himself as the woman’s son, shows the creature slither to the woman’s bed in the dark. The moment sure to make viewers squirm comes when the snake lunges at her foot just as she swings it out of the way, at 2.17.17 in the security timecode.

“The python slithered … and lunged at my mother’s foot! Luckily she was not injured at all because she was drawing her foot away at that moment, so the snake fell to the floor with a loud thud,” Nakorn Sudsopa wrote. “The sound woke my mom in surprise.”

นาทีงูฉกเท้าคุณแม่ ที่ 02 : 17 :17

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Nakorn said the incident took place early Wednesday morning. Upon investigation, he said the snake appeared to enter the house via an open door or – flashback to one of 2016’s most viral moments – the toilet.

In true Thai tradition, many users responded to the video by asking Nakorn for his street address or any other related numerals, per popular belief that strange incidents carry hints to winning lotto wealth in the next draw. Indulging the request, Nakorn replied his home address is 121/460.

Citizens of Bangkok may yet rest in safety, as Nakorn revealed the python is still at large.

“The security guard told me the rescue workers took too long to retrieve the snake, so he let it go into the sewer,” he warned ominously. “Which home will be the next victim?”