Movie Productions Restart, Though Love Scene is Banned

An interrupted love scene from Channel 8 soap opera Lehrunchuan

BANGKOK (Xinhua) — Thailand’s Ministry of Culture said Monday that it has given the go ahead for movie and video producers to start rolling, however all must refrain from fight and love scenes and any physical contacts to stem the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ministry last week met with some 50 movie production houses and local TV channels to exchange thoughts on how to progress in the movie making business in the midst of the pandemic.

“So we have concluded that each film crew at the field should consist of no more than 50 members,” said Yupha Taveewattanakitborvon, the ministry’s deputy permanent secretary.

“All film crews must check body temperatures, screen out irrelevant people, use the COVID-19 tracing application to check in and check out at their production sites and wear face masks.”


Yupha said that all members that are not included in the film act, should stand 1.5 to 2 meters apart, wash their hands frequently and ensure that equipment are sanitized.


She also said that dressing rooms and makeup rooms must be separated and well ventilated. Each makeup artist and hairdresser will serve a few people only. Cosmetics and makeup tools must be used personally.

Imported film crews are banned for now.

Yupha said that officials from the ministry will conduct random checks on film crews and warned that should production houses fail to follow disease control measures, the ministry will withdraw their filming licenses.