Actor to Pursue Charges Against ‘Hiso’ Who Smashes His Face

BANGKOK — A half-black Thai celebrity said Wednesday he will continue to pursue charges of assault against a socialite who hit him in the face with a glass in a fist of jealousy.

Rusameekae Fagerlund and his legal team said a news conference that Jirat “Hiso Champ” Petnunthawong will soon be summoned by the police for an interrogation  for the assault on Sept. 2 at a Pattaya nightclub.

“One whack into my face and warm blood gushed from my nose,” Rusameekae said.

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Rusameekae initially told the press that he was hit with a bottle, but upon viewing CCTV footage found that he had been hit with a glass cup. 

“Looking at the CCTV, it was a glass,” Rusameekae said. “I thought it was a bottle because it was so hard. …I was more shocked and scared since the glass could’ve broken in my face and blinded me.” 

Rusameekae, who is openly gay, was attacked while talking to Jirat’s girlfriend, celeb Raknapak “Namwan” Wongtanatat. “I was being extremely feminine,” Rusameekae said in disbelief.  

Champ reportedly fled the scene after striking Rusameekae. Security guards also restrained Rusameekae from approaching Champ, and said that he “was prevented” from filming a video, according to the actor. 

Rusameekae said that Namwan later told him that Champ was prone to jealousy. 

In Thailand, assault cases are often settled out of court, but Rusameekae said that Jirat’s public apology wasn’t enough.

“I have a family, with a husband, sister, and nephews. They are overseas, where assault is very serious,” he said. “They are watching to see what I do. People have the right to be safe in public.”

Rusameekae’s lawyer Paisit Chakranont said that they have filed for physical assault causing grievous bodily harm and the Pattaya police are now in possession of the CCTV footage. 


Jirat is nicknamed “Hiso Champ” by the press and showbiz for his high-flying lifestyle and constant coverage in the press of his romantic involvement with celebrities. 

He is the son of Chiang Mai hotel chain owner Worachat Petnunthawong, while his mother Umpaipan Pankongcheun runs a company selling aviation equipment. Jirat had owned the now-closed Fabrique & Bar Rouge bar in Chiang Mai.

“I’m just an ordinary guy who loves in [sic] aviation, yachts, music & private islands .. definitely a workaholic,” reads his Instagram bio.