British Couple’s Dream Retirement in Hua Hin Marred by Neighbour Dispute

The CCTV shows police officers arriving after midnight on December 20, 2023.

HUA HIN — Conflicts between neighbours occur in many cases, especially when social media is used by the parties to publicize their issues. This allows the general public to become aware of various disputes, ranging from noise and odor disturbances, pet problems, to conflicts in common areas, which can escalate into arguments or even physical assault.

This problem is not exclusive to Thai people; foreigners residing in Thailand also face similar issues.

Mr. and Mrs. Byrne, British residents living in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, spoke to Khaosod English about their dispute with their neighbours, describing feelings of unfair treatment by the police.

“We invested our life savings when we bought a beautiful home and hoped for a happy peaceful retirement after visiting Thailand for many years,” they said.


They have had several disputes with their neighbours, particularly regarding shared spaces. The incident that became a legal case occurred on December 19, 2023, in front of their house.

british huahin
Mr. Byrne’s facial injuries after the altercation with neighbours

They stated, “We witnessed on our security system a neighbour pulling plants out and depositing them at our gate.” When they went out to confront the neighbour, an argument ensued and turned physical, which was captured by their home’s CCTV system.

“My husband is 76 years old, I’m 68 years old. We have suffered life-changing injuries from two persons some 25 plus years younger than ourselves,” said Mrs. Byrne.

The couple stated that on the night of the attack, they called the police 12 times, but the police didn’t answer. When the police arrived after midnight, they only talked to the neighbours and didn’t ask them anything at all. There was also a previous incident when their neighbours complained about them installing CCTV cameras on the wall; 15 police officers arrived to inspect.

Later that night, when they went to file a report at Sam Roi Yot Police Station, the police didn’t accept their complaint, telling them to go to the hospital first and come back the next day. This made them feel that “This harassment by the police has occurred several times.” They simply want to be treated fairly.


For the case they filed against their neighbours, the court has scheduled a verdict for August 14, 2024. For the case filed against them, the court has set a hearing for August 19, 2024.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Anek Boonkongdee, who is handling the case of the British couple suing their neighbours, confirmed to a Khaosod reporter that the police are aware of the ongoing issues between these two households and are proceeding according to legal procedures.