Prayuth Shows Suave Side in Latest Campaign Video

BANGKOK — Less than a week before elections, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha on Monday released a calm campaign video backed by a soft-rock audio track.

Phalang Pracharat – the party which has nominated Gen. Prayuth as its prime minister candidate – uploaded a Facebook video Monday morning in which the junta leader expresses his hopes for Thailand.

“I have decided to accept the Phalang Pracharat Party’s prime minister candidate nomination,” Prayuth says in the clip. “I am determined to do my duty to serve the country with responsibility and all of my ability.”

While the general is known for his brash words, fiery temperament and songwriting chops, Prayuth appears a mild-mannered man in the 47-second clip set to a melodic guitar riff.


“I believe my job from now on is to create opportunities for Thailand so that we go even further. Our youth will have a better quality of life. That is what I successfully want to do for everyone,” he says.

Prayuth has shied away from appearing in live televised debates during election season despite being cleared to do so, by the Election Commission.

In six hours, the clip gathered more than 88,000 views and 940 shares, evoking both positive and negative comments.

“Keep on fighting. I’m rooting for you. I believe ‘Uncle Tuu’ can do it. Improving the country in such a short time isn’t easy. At least, the chaos in the country is less because of you,” Facebook user Pireeyapong Laobantao wrote.

Tase Ching was less impressed. She wrote, “So fake. People can see through this. Go take more acting classes. You were rude and screeching for five years, but during election season you pretend to be all warm and nice. #CitizensAreNotStupid.”

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