Democrat Party Insists 2010 Crackdown was Legal

Soldiers take cover behind an armored vehicle as they advance on the Redshirt camp in Bangkok, 19 May 2010.

BANGKOK — A spokesman for the Democrat Party on Saturday dismissed allegations that its former leader was at fault for ordering a military crackdown on Redshirt protesters 10 years ago.

Spokesman Ramet Rattanachaweng, whose party is a part of the government coalition, said there is no need for former PM and Democrat chairman Abhisit Vejjajiva to “take responsibility” for the crackdown, which left about 90 people dead, as demanded by the opposition.

“The allegation has been already disproved by contests in the justice system, whether a court of justice or an inquiry by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which already proved that the crackdown was in accordance with the law.” Ramet told reporters.

He continued, “The allegations [against Abhisit] are distortions to defame him.”


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established by the Abhisit administration with a stated aim to investigate claims of misconduct during the military operations against Redshirt protesters in April and May 2010.

The Redshirts at the time demanded that then-PM Abhisit dissolve the House and call snap elections. At least 90 people were killed in the confrontation, including demonstrators, security officers, bystanders, and two foreign journalists.


Ramet also criticized a recent campaign by former Future Forward Party leaders that sought “truth” over the deadly crackdown.

“I want to let them know that in fact, they don’t have to shoot any laser to find the truth,” the spokesman said. “Truth is truth. There are already clear investigation results by many committees and the justice system.”

Tuesday marks the 10th year since the final military assault on the Redshirt encampment in downtown Bangkok.