Carabao Group joins SET’s 2022 THSI list for the Pursuit of Sustainability

October 10, 2022, the Stock Exchange of Thailand has announced the list of sustainable stocks or Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) for 2022, with more than 170 companies selected from a total of 8 industry groups, with Carabao Group listed in the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) group for the first year in Agriculture and Food Industry (ARGO).

Selection of the list of sustainable stocks or Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) of the Stock Exchange of Thailand held annually by assessing each sustainability criteria of the listed companies according to the economic (including corporate governance), social and environmental dimensions through a prepared questionnaire and selecting companies that pass the criteria to be announced as a sustainable stock or Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI). This reflects that the companies that have been selected recognize the importance of sustainability in their business operations. This is a mechanism that promotes and supports businesses operating in an environmentally friendly manner creating shared benefits for the community and society as well as shared value in the economy.

Mr. Sathien Sathientham, Chief Executive Officer of Carabao Group Public Company Limited, revealed that “The company is very pleased to be selected into the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s sustainable stock list. Currently, the concept of doing business not only considering the highest return to shareholders, but also showing social and environmental responsibility on the basis of sustainability. This is a guideline that has been accepted more and more continually to create long-term value by considering the needs of stakeholders and society.”

“Being selected as one of the sustainable stocks serves as another important milestone that helps build investors and stakeholders’ trust in investing in our company according to the concept of sustainable investment considering Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) factors as an investment decision-making criterion along with the analysis of the company’s financial information to generate continuous returns for the longer term,” said Mr. Sathien.


A list of all sustainable stocks selected this year was outcome from the companies participating in the sustainability assessment questionnaire consisting of 17 criteria of general questions from economic (including corporate governance), social and environmental dimensions as well as questions according to the nature of the business in each industry group in 12 categories, such as water-related risks, product stewardship, biodiversity, and etc.


Companies that have been selected to be in the list of sustainable stocks must have a passing score of 50% in each ESG dimension or being selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) according to the year in which the sustainability assessment results are announced. The assessment is conducted by the Sustainable Investment Working Group to ensure transparency throughout the process. A list of sustainable stocks can be viewed at

In addition to the mentioned achievements, Carabao Group has been certified as the Carbon Footprint for Organization 2021 from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization. (Public Organization) with the certificate number TGO CFO FY22-152. The company has disclosed the environmental information and greenhouse gas reporting through publicly disclosed channels and the accuracy of the information has been verified by external accredited verifier demonstrating our transparency and commitment to operating business that creates the least impact on the environment. 

Carabao Group also would like to announce that it has furthered its commitment to environmental transparency by disclosing its environmental impact through CDP, a global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. The company has disclosed through CDP since 2022 for the first year and completed CDP’s Climate Change questionnaire.