Carabao Launches New Beers to Compete in the Thai Market

Carabao beers are sold in CJ Supermarket branch in Rayong Province.

Carabao Beer and Tawan Daeng Beer, two new beer brands in Thailand, are officially launched and ready to compete in the 270–300 billion baht Thai beer market.

The Carabao Group, a major player in the beverage industry, has entered the beer market with its first product, “Lager” with 4.9 percent alcohol content. 

Their strategy particularly targets regions outside Bangkok. They focus on engaging beverage agents, liquor shops already affiliated with the Carabao Group, and convenience stores, particularly CJ Supermarkets, which are its retail networks in various provinces.

In recent weeks, a Carabao Beer agent had announced that they are accepting orders, urging businesses not to miss out on this new product. 

Chief Executive Officer of Carabao Conglomerate, Sathien Sathientham, told Nikkei Asia that the company aims to establish itself as the third largest beer company in Thailand by 2024 with a 10 per cent share of the beer market. In the next 3 to 5 years, this share is expected to increase to 20 per cent, with an annual beer turnover target of 40 billion baht.

In November, Carabao Beer launched its products, including “Carabao Beer” and “Tawan Daeng Beer”. They initially have the capacity to produce 200 million litres of beer per year and plan to increase this to 400 million litres in the future.

The Carabao Group, which was founded in 2001 and listed on the Thai stock exchange in 2014, is known for its strong presence and sponsorship, including its support of the English football league in the UK under the name “Carabao Cup”


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