Sabah International Expo 2023: CP Collaborates With DITP Malaysia Opening the New Door for Thai Entrepreneurs

Gateway to Malaysia: CP Seeding Social Impact, in collaboration with DITP Malaysia, opening the new door for Thai entrepreneurs to Malaysian market opportunity through Sabah International Expo 2023

CP Seeding Social Impact, announces the launch of a product registration initiative for Thai entrepreneurs. This initiative aims to prepare them to present their products to potential partners in Malaysia through the Mini Thailand Week 2023 by DITP Malaysia, partnering with Sabah International Expo 2023 (SIE), scheduled for September 22-24, 2023, at the Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

The goal is to support Thai SMEs nationwide through the platform, enabling them to grow alongside CP Group, both domestically and globally.

Following the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which have increased cost and competition pressures, there is a decreasing trend towards food consumption tendency in Malaysia.


Research indicates an average 4% increase annually in retail trade value through hypermarkets in Malaysia in 2022, with a consistent upward trend. Major retailers like Lotus’s, holding a market share of up to 30% in the hypermarket channel, present substantial opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs.

In light of this situation, Mr. Aekachai Tangratanavalee, Managing Director of CP Seeding, states that CP Seeding, in collaboration with DITP Malaysia, is determined to transform into an opportunity and open doors to Malaysia through diverse strategies.

One of CP Seeding’s key strategies is to increase the diversity of Thai products entering the Malaysian markets, emphasizing the selection of high-quality products that meet market demands. Furthermore, both DITP Malaysia and CP Seeding recognize the importance of promoting Thai products.

We are empowered to enhance promotional efforts through various activities, consistently and sustainably boosting the presence of Thai products in Malaysia and neighboring countries.

CP Seeding believes in our high capability to support DITP Malaysia’s “Key 8 Strategies” for exporting Halal products to Malaysia. Especially, CP Seeding specializes in selecting capable and trustworthy entrepreneurs through its screening system, evaluating their potential and readiness to grow alongside various programs aimed at efficiently promoting and developing these entrepreneurs.


In addition to selection, the company sees opportunities in connecting large-scale entrepreneurs to integrate OEM products into the Malaysian market. This will relatively facilitate trade interactions between Thailand and Malaysia. 

CP Seeding believes that this partnership marks the beginning of opportunities to lead Thai entrepreneurs into the Malaysian market indeed, fostering economic growth and development. Additionally, we encourage Thai entrepreneurs in submitting product information for preliminary screening starting from September 20, 2023, onwards through the website

The company believes that the aforementioned activity will contribute to the development of entrepreneurs’ potential, enrich their knowledge in product development to meet the Malaysian market’s demands, and expand their business reach within the corporate partnerships, fostering sustainable growth for all parties involved.