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Friday, April 20, 2018

Lick a Pickle and Nod at Art in Bangkok Because Why Not

BANGKOK — Had enough burgers and fries and want to go straight to the pickle? Ever want to enjoy some savory art or catch up on email with a pickle in one hand?

Bottled OJ Contains Fecal Bacteria

BANGKOK — Good news: Lab tests found orange juice confiscated from an illegal production ring last week was the real stuff after all, and not fake OJ as widely reported. The bad news? It contains bacteria commonly found in animal feces and therefore violates food safety laws.

Ben’s Cookies to Open Soon in Bangkok

BANGKOK — An English cookie company announced its next international branch will open in Bangkok to the delight of dessert fans.

New TCDC to Open With Swinging, Three-Day Gala

BANGKOK — The city’s most renowned design hub will celebrate its new headquarters with three days of almost everything – music, swing dance, movies, art workshops and a flea market.

Join Week-Long Rooftop Celebration of Thai Craft Beer

BANGKOK — It’s been a big year for Thai craft beer. From sun-dried banana-brewed beer and the country’s first legal honey wine, the domestic variety has gone from meh to “more please.”

Chinatown Gets a Street Fair on Soi Nana

BANGKOK — All the new art spaces, galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants that have taken over a small alley off Charoen Krung Road will throw a one-day block party later this month.

Bangkok’s First ‘Manga Cafe’ Pays Tribute to Japanese Master (Photos)

BANGKOK — Geeks who love reading comics all day now have their own “third place” for doing so at the capital’s first manga cafe.

Far From Yaowarat, Discover Bangkok’s ‘New’ Chinatown

BANGKOK — Chinese signs dominate both sides of the road along which shops cook up fiery Szechuan mala hot pot, mapo tofu, tender pork dishes from Yunnan province and northern-style gyoza.

Sin Taxes Take a Hike Saturday

BANGKOK — Cigarettes will be more expensive and the price of booze will rise or tumble under new sin tax rules which will take effect Saturday.

So Orange: Try Ancient Wine Made New Again in Bangkok

BANGKOK — Giulio Saverino snaps his fingers and a waitress comes over, decanting a persimmon-colored alcohol into his class. He’s drinking orange wine.

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