Marigolds Bloom for King Bhumibol Nationwide (Photos)

Top: Students and volunteers plant a field of more than 100,000 marigold plants at King’s College Monday in Nakhon Pathom in preparation for Rama IX’s funeral Oct. 26.

Fields of marigolds in homage to the late King Rama IX have blossomed just in time for his cremation this month.

Timed to produce fields in full bloom, the fields were planted in mid-August, as the plants take about 60 days to blossom. Today flowers in King Bhumibol’s color are blooming all over the country in time for the cremation rites to be carried out Oct. 25 to Oct. 29.

“The reason we’re encouraging the public and private sectors as well as all citizens to grow marigolds is because marigolds are yellow, like King Bhumibol’s royal birth color,” said Krissada Boonrat, secretary of the interior.


Marigolds are often used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies for their auspicious and ornamental associations to adorn garlands, form krathong and be offered to spirit houses. The flowers typically bloom for three weeks.


The marigold fields are another way to manifest the mourning nationally outside of the capital along with replica crematoriums which have cropped up in many provinces.

DSC 0033
In addition to planting 9,999 marigold plants for Rama IX, Samut Songkhram volunteers also made nine giant marigolds out of foam Sunday.
ดอกดาวเรองเหลออราม 5
A field of marigolds and sunflowers Sunday at the Phitsanulok Train Station.
Residents planted more than 7,000 marigold plants along a kilometer stretch of road by khlong Raphiphat in the Tha Ruea district of Ayutthaya province.
IMG 8506
People take photos with three-meter marigold plants Friday in Chiang Mai province.
Bangorn Nimnuan, 57, tends to the potted marigolds at her flooded home Monday in Ang Thong province.
8 k9HReyk
Officials look on as inmates plant marigolds Saturday at Sisaket Prison in Sisaket province.
อบจ.ปลกดอกดาวเรอง ๑๗๑๐๐๙ 0009
Around 21,000 marigolds at Uttaradit City Hall seen Monday were planted in the shape of the Thai numeral nine.

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