‘Thank You! Thank You!’ See Moment Rescuers Discover Missing in Cave (Video)

CHIANG RAI — Footage has been released of the moment rescue divers located all missing youths and their coach in the cave where they went missing nine days ago.

In the five-minute clip shared to the Navy SEALS page, the boys are shown still wearing their football jerseys and sitting on dry stone. Over cries of ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ in English, a voice with a British accent is heard saying:

Brit: “How many of you? 13? brilliant!”

Brit: (Possibly asked by children if they will get out now) “Not today. Not today.” “We’re coming, many people are coming. We’re the first.”


The children ask what is the date.

Brit: “It’s Monday. You’ve been here 10 days. 10 days. You’re very strong.”

“We’ve been diving for days. We’re from the navy.”

Children: “I am very happy.”

Brit: We are happy too.

Children: Thank you so much. So where you come from?

Brit: England. UK.


Children: Whoaa!