Ride Tuk-Tuks to Temples to Win Ayutthaya The Game

Photo: Ayutthaya Provincial Administration

AYUTTHAYA — Siam’s second capital will host a two-day competition involving tuk-tuks, ancient temples and traditional garb.

Tuk-tuks will zip around Ayutthaya carrying people in Thai costume to solve puzzles and win games later this month as part of Wear Thai Costumes, Go to Ayutthaya Rally, an event organized by the local provincial government.

What kind of games? Participants will find out at the event. Expect them to focus on Ayutthaya’s rich history, culture and fun facts of the city that six centuries ago stood the capital of the Siamese kingdom.

Along with tuk-tuk rides to popular destinations such as wats Phra Si Sanphet, Mongkhon Bophit and Mahathat, rally attendees will learn how people once lived there in the past. They range from eating rice wrapped in lotus leaf to drinking water from ti mha, a water container made of nipa palm leaves.



There will also be rewards for those who wear the best traditional outfits.

The rally is opens for 250 teams of two members each, at least one of whom must wear a traditional Thai costume. Registration, which can be done via Facebook or Line account @Ayarally2018, is 1,000 baht per team. The price includes a one-night stay and four meals.

The event, which aims to promote tourism and traditional culture, will happen Aug. 18 and 19.