‘Winter Beer Garden’ Opens Opposite CentralWorld

Wishbeer's Beer Gardeen at The Vue in Bangkok in 2017. Image: Wishbeer / Facebook

BANGKOK — Not all hope is lost for fans of open-air “beer gardens” after shopping mall CentralWorld announced it would no longer host one this year.

Veteran beer delivery franchise Wishbeer said it’s opening a “Winter Garden” at Gaysorn Village, right opposite CentralWorld where the annual beer gardens used to be. Wishbeer CEO Jerome Le Louer said the venue will run from tonight, Nov. 15, till Jan. 6.

Instead of the routine convenience store lager like Chang and Singha served at the now-canceled beer gardens at CTW, Wishbeer’s Winter Garden will be offering craft beer.

“We will have 12 craft beers on tap and live music from Thursday to Sunday every week,” Le Louer said in an email.


The news will likely bring some solace to Bangkokians saddened by the news of CentralWorld’s cancellation of its year-end event, in which major booze conglomerates vied for customers by offering free performances by top singers and bands.


Central Pattana vice president Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana told Prachachat the mall dropped its beer gardens because consumers are now looking for something else, but the news site quoted a source as saying the real reason had more to do with stricter enforcement of booze laws in recent years.

Wishbeer Winter Garden at Gaysorn Village is the second edition of a similar beer garden featuring craft beer by the same firm, which was held in 2017 at The Vue on Thonburi side. Khaosod English’s livestream of the event – one of the most enjoyable experiences in this reporter’s career – was unfortunately taken down due to legal concerns.