‘Photo Festival’ Blows Up Gallery Expectations With Lights, Action, Fish

Photo: Rapat Bunduwanich / Courtesy

BANGKOK — Forget shuffling between white walls looking at framed pictures. This photo exhibition is different.

Artist Rapat Bunduwanich said he was frustrated by how many artists have to lick curators’ boots to succeed in getting shown. So he decided to do something different and defy the cozy art world’s expectations at an alternative art space near Chinatown.

Visual illusions, a pool of fish and interactive light installations involving LEDs, spotlights and neon eschew gallery convention at Flash Forward: Rapat’s Photo Festival.

“I feel my heart was broken by the art circles these days. So I want my audiences to feel the same from my exhibition, but in a positive way,” Rapat said.


Flash Forward runs now through the end of November at NACC, a new art space in the burgeoning Soi Nana 17 off  Charoen Krung Road.

Rapat’s previous projects include Peep in Me, for which he and a partner livestreamed performances in front of CCTV cameras at several locations in Bangkok to viewers at Speedy Grandma.

Photo: NACC / Facebook
Photo: NACC / Facebook

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