Trendy Bangkok Soi to Throw Block Party

Photo: Jua / Facebook

BANGKOK — Venues in a hip, old town soi along Charoen Krung will come together for a Sunday block party.

Eat and drink the night away at Charoenkrung 28 Block Party, which will be supplied by local bars and restaurants in the soi.

At the mouth of the soi find an outdoor barbecue provided by fine-dining heavyweight 80/20 BKK. Walk further in and look left to soak in the rum by Tropic City mixologists, who will handcraft cocktails for visitors.

Keep walking to grab homemade juicy burgers at Little Market, an eatery co-owned by chef Chet Atkin, photographer Jason Lang and former Speedy Grandma co-founder Thomas Menard.


At the end of the soi, next to Speedy Grandma, is Jua. The minimal-style izakaya venue opened late last year will serve grilled yakitori and sake.

DJ Maarten Goetheer will take care of the beats: boogie, disc, house and techno.

The event starts at 4pm on July 1 on Charoen Krung Soi 28, located 1 kilometer from MRT Hua Lamphong.

In January, Charoen Krung celebrated its first block party, hosting a pop-up dinner event with food and drinks inspired by local waste in the community.


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