Show of Love: Webcomic ‘Sundae Kids’ Leaps to Life in Bangkok

BANGKOK — Clean lines and simple comics on romance by a popular artist will give visitors the fuzzies at a downtown gallery through the month of love.

The This Is For You exhibition by internet-famous webcomic Sundae Kids – by illustrator Pratchaya “Poysian” Mahapauraya and her boyfriend Kavit Thienvutichai – at Yelo House is perfect for viewing with a loved one or happily single.

“When we write or draw about relationships, a lot of people have different opinions. Just one image can generate so many different reactions,” Poysian, 26, said. “Some people will say it’s romantic, others will say ‘there’s no way that happens in real life.’”

Pratchaya “Poysian” Mahapauraya.
Pratchaya “Poysian” Mahapauraya.

Sundae Kids has more than 1.4 million followers on its Facebook page, making it one of the most popular Thai webcomics. That passion is largely due to Poysian’s distinctive style and universally relatable – if occasionally corny and cliche – comics about love.


All Sundae Kids’ comics are in English, drawing a sizeable foreign audience. A single brief comic typically draws tens of thousands of reactions, comments and shares.

“If people say it’s cheesy, then I admit it,” Poysian said, laughing lightheartedly. “I like to see people debating and discussing in the comments.”

The exhibition consists of 36 hand-painted comics which fans will be familiar with, 18 original works, 10 volumes in booklet form and a short video.

“The moments in the comics are inspired by things we love: movies, songs, quotes, or our friends’ experiences or our own experiences. Some of them are ours, but I don’t want to say which,” she said, smiling.

The 18 exhibition originals, unlike the other comics, seem to be more sombre and focus on heartbreak and the end of love rather than just lovey-dovey moments the brand is known for.

“Heartbreak and one-sided love aren’t bad things. They’re just things that happen, and are a lesson for you,” Kavit said.

While Kavit, 26, and Poysian were graphic design students together, he noticed her drawing talent and encouraged her to start the page to gain fame as an artist – and land design jobs.

“I think it’s successful. Until now, she’s never had to do a regular job,” Kavit said. Although Poysian draws the comics, Kavit helps think of story ideas for her and helps her manage the business.

Poysian will be available at the gallery to accept paid, commissioned sketches 11am to 8pm on Sunday, and 5pm to 8pm on Feb. 13 and 14 (Valentine’s Day).


This is For You is open now and runs through March 3. Admission is free.Yelo House is open 11am to 8pm every day except Tuesday. It’s a five-minute walk from BTS National Stadium at the end of Soi Kasem San 1.