Couple Says Sorry to Goddess for Racy Photoshoot

Left: Anan Yodbua and his girlfriend apologize to the Guan Yim shrine on July 6, 2020 at Pasan Building in Nakhon Sawan. Right: Photos Anan posted of his girlfriend’s tattooed buttocks.

NAKHON SAWAN — A couple were fined Monday for taking photos showing a woman’s tattooed buttocks near a shrine dedicated to the goddess Guan Yin.

Anan Yodbua, 26, and his unnamed 18-year-old girlfriend were charged with public obscenity and fined 1,000 baht for taking and posting the photos. The pair was also taken to the shrine where they apologized to the goddess, who is widely revered by Thai Buddhists with Chinese roots. 

“We took these photos because we love tattoos,” Anan told reporters. “She also got tattoos on her butt at my friend’s tattoo parlor so we wanted to show them off.” 


Anan said the photos were taken on June 24, when he and his girlfriend were on a trip from their home in Uthai Thani to Nakhon Sawan.


He then posted the photos in a tattoo appreciation Facebook group, which drew both admiration and criticism. 

Nakhon Sawan municipality mayor Jitkasem Nirojtanarat later filed a police report with the city police on Monday morning. The pair soon turned themselves in.