‘Motosai Tunnel’ Proposed for MRT’s ‘Missing Link’

By Dick ‘Beastmode’ Borrow

BANGKOK — A junta spokesman on Saturday said the regime has come up with yet another “miracle” solution, this time for the “missing link” that left an unfinished kilometer between the costly Purple Line extension and existing subway system.

Where the use of absolute power failed to settle a feud between rival companies over operation of a shuttle service, Col. Winthae Kaewkumnerd said the junta will authorize motorcycle taxis to whisk commuters between MRT Bang Sue and Tao Poon through a tunnel.

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“It’s like old and new coming together in continuous improvement for the benefit of all Thais,” Winthae said, his handsome, pixie-cut bangs dancing on the sultry breeze as he spoke.
A motosai ride between the two stations is expected to cost about 100 baht, Winthae said, adding that Uber, Grab or other less-costly services will be blocked from the tunnel.

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‘Motosai Tunnel’ Proposed for MRT’s ‘Missing Link’