Untreated Mental Illness Left Sek Loso Delusional, Living in Filth: Son

BANGKOK — Sek Loso’s family described a man crippled by mental illness who sees miracles in trees and the Buddha in spilled water as they opened up about the rocker’s very public meltdown on social media.

After Seksan Sukpimai, aka Sek Loso, was forcibly checked into a hospital this past weekend, his ex-wife and adult son went on television Monday to talk about the rocker’s unraveling that culminated in five days of erratic behavior live-streamed to the world.

“I can’t take it that everyone sees him as a joke now. I’m traumatized; I have to help. He was a rock star, but now he’s a social media joke,” said Wiphakorn “Karn” Sookpimay, who divorced Sek a second time in 2014.

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Wiphakorn, their 21-year-old son Settakarn Sukpimai and Sek’s current girlfriend Apisaya Pattanaworasap staged an intervention this past weekend. Settakarn, who signed his father into the hospital, said he had become unreachable.

“We’re not in the same world. We can’t communicate. His bipolar depression and his environment – the drugs and women – could have affected his brain and worsened his condition. I’m worried and want him to be the same person again,” he said.

Both said the doctor diagnosed Sek with late-stage bipolar disorder, which includes symptoms such as hallucination and paranoia. The son also described the decrepit, cesspool-like state of Sek’s house.

“I couldn’t live there. There’s dog poop and pee everywhere. He used to have helpers to cook and clean for him. But his bipolarism made him paranoid that someone would hurt him or steal from him, and he fired everyone,” Settakarn said.

Settakarn, who studies finance at the American University in Washington DC, said that the last time he visited his dad in May, Sek hadn’t cut his hair and was wearing the same hat and clothing seen in last week’s videos.

“When I asked him why he hadn’t cleaned his room, he said that he saw a Buddha on the table and that the house was a temple, so it shouldn’t be cleaned,” Settakarn said. “I told him this wasn’t a temple, and the table just had a water stain. He told me I didn’t have enough merit to see it.”

“If we see a circle, he will see the moon, sun and Ganesha,” Wiphakorn said.

Sek’s antics and ravings have served as tabloid fodder for years. Images of him taking drugs, revelations he physically abused Wiphakorn and other headline-making controversies took a dark turn this past New Year’s Eve after he barricaded himself inside his home when police came to arrest him for firing a gun into the sky at a temple.

Wiphakorn said that Sek has been suffering from bipolar disorder and depression for over a decade, including the time they were married. Sek would get depressed and refuse to leave the house or see anyone.

“I had to be his only friend. He didn’t even want to see his own children. He locked himself in his room because he didn’t want his kids to see him like this,” Wiphakorn said.

Sek attempted to get deep into Buddhism and had read a lot of dharma books, but Wiphakorn said it didn’t help. She said she took her then-husband to a doctor who prescribed mood stabilizers. But Sek stopped making his appointments and his condition worsened.

“Before, I wanted to cut this part of my life out so I can focus on my studies, my siblings and friends. But now I’m 21, and I can’t escape it anymore. It’s my life now,” Settakarn said.

Sek would spend his time taking photos of trees and backlit photos and saying that they’re miracles, Settakarn said. He expressed his worry about his younger sisters who are adversely affected by their father’s condition.

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