Prayut’s Party Denies Using a Laser Campaign on the Rama VIII Bridge

The attractive laser campaign of the United Thai Nation Party on the Rama VIII Bridge has become a hot issue in the final stages of the election campaign.

The government deputy spokesperson, Tipanan Sirichana, who is also a member of the United Thai Nation Party, had posted the pictures on the Rama VIII Bridge’s pole as a projection of lasers with the message campaign of the United Thai Nation Party on Monday night. Her posts have become criticisms of how the government party can use the public building for campaigning.

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She later claimed Tuesday she did it herself, but a leaked letter dated Monday shows the request was made on behalf of her party, while the United Thai Nation Party, of which PM Prayut Chan-o-cha is the leader, released the statement that Tipanan did it without asking or telling the party’s executives.


The party also claimed that when it learned about this campaign, it reprimanded, issued a warning letter, and ordered Ms. Tipanun to stop doing so immediately.

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Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt said Tuesday that City Hall has failed to look into the details of the letter seeking to have the United Thai Nation Party campaign message projected on Rama VIII Bridge and has now ordered it be stopped.

“We insist that City Hall gave no preferential treatment to any particular political party but it was a misunderstanding… We have it stopped once we knew about it,” the governor said.

Election Commission secretary general Sawaeng Boonme said later that the use of laser gun to project Election campaign message on Rama VIII Bridge by the United Thai Nation Party is not against the election laws.