Weed Entrepreneurs Ask MFP For Clarity On Their Future

The explanation of the Move Forward Party (MFP) about cannabis policy has come after the weed entrepreneurs showed their oppressiveness for the new government.

Sirikanya Tansakul, the soon-to-be Move Forward Party list leader MP and Deputy chief, said on May 25 that there will be lawsuits following the Health Ministry’s announcement to classify weed as an illegal drug. She, however, stressed that entrepreneurs who have been operating their businesses legally will be protected and will be able to continue their businesses.

Sirikanya Tansakul

During the protection period, the government will move forward with drafting legislation and regulations for the use of cannabis under the Cannabis Act. The law will also protect and compensate for any damages that may arise from future changes. She added that some of the harms were caused by the loopholes of the previous government.

Previously, Prasitchai Nhoonuan, chairman of Write Future of Thai Weed, posted attacking messages to the Move Forward Party after Pita Limjaroenrat, the party leader, and leaders of seven parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to bring weed back under the illegal drug law.


He said that the Move Forward Party did not value weed as a fact, but chose to make it a political movement and harm the people. He added that the party agreed with the people to bring the Weed Bill from the people to Parliament. Prasitchai said that the network will stop its protests if Move Forward can answer 2 questions without bias.


First, Move Forward must comparatively present the benefits and dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and pot. The party must produce research that will be presented to the public. If it turns out that smoking pot is more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, the network will support the party in reclassifying pot as an illegal drug.

Secondly, Move Forward must provide an answer to the implications of the Free Liquor Act. Why does the party support the empowerment of free alcohol but bring back weed as an illegal drug, only allowing small producers to produce weed and people have to scramble for money to buy it, contrary to people’s longstanding traditional knowledge of weed? Weed then becomes like beer, which people can consume but have to find the money themselves to buy.


Preda Chaiyo, an owner of Nud Kun@Pattaya, said entrepreneurs do not support the MOU as weed is an industrial crop. He added that weed has boosted the economy since he opened his shop and that weed has more benefits than dangers depending on how it is used. He said it was not a good idea to make weed an illegal drug again.

Shops that have permission to both grow and sale, they can continue their business without much clarity until the new government is formed. After that, it will depend on the designated authority to reform weed shops. 

Preda said he wished Move Forward MPs from each district knew that they were also from tourist areas and knew very well that weed had boosted the economy in these areas such as Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Finally, he wished that there could be a compromise.