An Abandoned Dog Has Been Waiting for Her Owner for 2 Months

An online social media account posted texts and pictures searching for the owner of a dog in Uthai Thani Province, 200 kilometres north of Bangkok.

The caption reads: “She has been waiting for 2 months for the owner to pick her up. The owner is her whole world. She’s been standing here all day for 2 months and not going anywhere. She is waiting. I am not sure if she was abandoned or fell out of the car. She is on the roadside of Ban Khao Pha Rad, Nam Rop sub-district, Lan Sak district, Uthai Thani.”

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The Khaosod reporter went to the scene, a roadside in Moo 13, Ban Suanmhai, Nam Rop sub-district, Lan Sak district, Uthai Thani and found Ms. Namkhang, 56, the owner of the account who had posted the aforementioned texts.


The reporter also found the female dog with a collar on the roadside gesturing to look for something or someone. It is reported that there is no information about the owner of the dog to date.


Namkhang is also not sure if the dog was abandoned or fell out of a car. It has been two months and no one has tried to look for the dog. She said she tried to take the dog home but it refused.

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“Sometimes the dog runs after a car, but later returns to the same spot. I and other locals feel sorry for it and they try to bring the dog some food and water regularly. Unfortunately, there is no trace of its owner.  I took the photo of the dog and try to spread the word because this dog seems to love its owner very much. Normally the dog runs after a car because she thinks it is her owner’s car. I am worried that one day the dog might be involved in an accident. Whoever the owner is, please take the dog now,” Namkhang said.