Tragic Fireworks Warehouse Explosion Leaves Community Severely Affected

The death toll from the massive explosion at a fireworks and firecracker warehouse in the southern Thai province of Narathiwat has risen to 11, with more than 120 people injured. About 100 residential buildings in the area were also damaged.

Of the injured, 10 people are still being treated in hospitals, while the rest have returned home but are still suffering from the psychological aftermath.

The Bangkok Mental Health Department has deployed the Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (MCATT) to the affected province of Narathiwat. They are working with the local team at the Muno Subdistrict Shelter Center to develop mental health care plans for the affected population, particularly with regard to monitoring acute stress disorder (ASD) and depression, and preventing drug use for self-medication among vulnerable groups.



According to the provincial health officer, there are 290 households in the affected area, of which 251 have mental health problems. Of these, 63 are under 18 years old; the youngest child is 9 years old, and the oldest is 78 years old.

During the risk assessment, 77 people from 32 households were found to have anxiety, while 60 people had symptoms such as insomnia, nightmares, palpitations, restlessness, and depression. There is also a 17-month-old child who suffers from startling: The team of health professionals will closely monitor and try to restore the mental well-being.


A local resident, Yotdanai Bula, who lost five family members in the fireworks explosion, described the devastating incident. When he arrived home, he found the house in ruins and initially helped rescue his grandmother.

During this time, his father and another relative perished and were consumed by the fire. He then went to help his neighbors before returning to his house and finding his eight-month-old nephew and the baby’s mother, who also died in the fire.

Yotdanai Bula, who lost five family members.

Yotdanai expressed deep shock and sadness at the incident. He mentioned that his father had previously warned the owner of the warehouse about the potential dangers, but unfortunately the worst case scenario occurred. He called on the authorities to carefully inspect all areas to prevent such incidents and especially to ensure that communities do not have dangerous and flammable materials.



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