Thai Flag’s Centennial Commemorated Nationwide (Photos)

National flag is being raised during a ceremony on Thursday morning at the government house.

BANGKOK — Officials nationwide assembled at 8am Thursday to sing the national anthem as they marked the Thai flag’s 100th anniversary.

Police, navy officers, teachers, students and more in all provinces this morning sang the national anthem under the flying tri rong flags today.


Omsin Chiwaphruek of the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday urged all Thais to commemorate the occasion.

The horizontal red, white and blue stripes were adopted as the national flag on Sept. 28, 1917, during the reign of the Rama VI. The colors represent nation, religion and monarchy.


Before Thailand, there was Siam. The kingdom’s first flag – a plain red rectangle – is traced back to 18th century Ayutthaya. The flag then evolved over the next two centuries to incorporate a white chakra later replaced by a white elephant. It briefly consisted of three red stripes until the central band was made blue as it is seen today.

Google joins the celebration on Thursday with its logo
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Navy officers joining a ceremony at the First Naval Area Command in Chonburi’s Sattahip.
STUDENTS e1506573453592
Police, soldiers, teachers and students sing the national anthem at Samut Sakhon City Hall.
In Phitsanulok province, what’s said to be the nation’s largest flag spanning 2,400sqm.
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The flag in use during a short period between 1916 to 1917 and also used as the Siamese naval ensign during 1887-1910.