Soldiers Bust Illegal Sidewalk Bars in Pattaya

CHONBURI — Thirty soldiers and city workers dismantled streetside bar stalls said to be operating without a license in the resort town of Pattaya last night.

The bars – which consist mostly of drink stalls, tables and stools – were located on the sidewalks near Bali Hai Pier south of Pattaya. Lt. Winai Duangthong, an officer from the 14th Military District who led last night’s raid, said the bars did not have any permission to use the public space.

According to Winai, his unit was responding to complaints from the public that these bars obstruct sidewalks at night and tap electricity from the public lighting system without permission, which caused nearby street lamps to overload and fail.

Winai said his military unit last week gave the bar owners a one-week deadline to leave the area. Some owners complied, but the rest refused, so soldiers and city workers from Pattaya Municipal Office conducted the raid last night, Winai told reporters.


“We have confiscated the tables and chairs as evidence. They are being kept [at City Hall],” Lieutenant Winai said. “We have also filed complaint against [bar owners] for obstructing public space with their goods.”

The charge carries maximum penalty of 10,000 baht, the lieutenant said, adding that security officers are also inspecting whether the bar owners have indeed illegally tapped electricity from street lamps as alleged in the complaints.

No police were involved in the operation.




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