Bombing Suspect Led Through 2-Day 'Re-enactment' (PHOTOS)

BANGKOK — In body armor, wrist straps and a bright yellow T-shirt, Erawan Shrine bombing suspect Yusufu Mieraili was escorted by a phalanx of police, military and media to locations throughout the Thai capital on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning to participate in a “re-enactment” of his alleged crimes.

Although not mandated under the legal code, crime re-enactments are a distinct ritual of Thai law enforcement. They're also media circuses which involve suspects posing for photographs, often while pointing toward things deemed relevant to the investigation or guilt of the suspect. 

Interactive: Who's Who in the Bangkok Bombing Investigation

They're also a concern for human rights activists: Eight days since he was taken into Thai custody along the border with Cambodia, Mieraili has yet to receive any legal representation.


Here are scenes from the high-profile event, and the locations visited.



1. Nong Chok district


Mieraili points toward the Poon Anan Apartments building in Bangkok's eastern district of Nong Chok.

  • Poon Anan Apartment room No. 412. The police said they discovered a cache of bomb components here in a 29 Aug. raid.
  • Soi Chuem Sampham 13 is where Mierali reportedly took a songthaew to Min Buri market


2. Min Buri District

  • Maimuna Garden, where police said they matched a fingerprint on other bomb-making materials with Mierali.


  • A bus stop at a Min Buri Market, and a van stop where Mierali got a ride back to the Poon Anan Apartments after the bombing.


4. A chemical supply store in the Ramintra area where police said Mierali bought materials for the attack.



1. Wat Pathum Wanararm, where Mierali reportedly was dropped off by a tuk-tuk near Ratchaprasong intersection and the Erawan Shrine after handing the bomb over to the shrine bomber at Hua Lamphong Railway Station.




2. CentralWorld plaza where he allegedly watched and photographed the bomb attack



3. At a skywalk near the Erawan Shrine

4. Palladium World shopping mall, where police said he hailed a taxi to return to the apartment in Nong Chok.




5. The Hua Lamphong Railway Station, near the Padung Krung Kasem canal, where police believe he handed over a bomb in a backpack to the “yellow shirt man” who planted it at the shrine soon thereafter. Mieraili is believed to have next taken a tuk-tuk to Wat Pathum Wanararm near Ratchaprasong intersection.



6. A Krung Thep Bank branch in Hua Mak district, where police said he transferred money.


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